Looking back on failed projects and blogs I’ve done

Its time I’ve stared my new project but I can’t help but think about my old ones and how it failed. Before this blog I had 2 other blogs. My 1st blog was about where I’d give my opinion about social media and show off some graphic design. My 2nd blog wasn’t mine alone it was a partnership with my friend zak. It was a photography blog.

I guess the reason It failed was? Because I was in a hurry to do it without thinking things through. So it felt pressuring to come up with content instead of enjoying what I love to do. Which is blogging. That’s why I’ve started this personal blog because its about my life and stuff I love. No pressure when it comes to writing articles or putting in the work.

Also a project I suppose to do was to design and distribute a inspirational magazine that supposedly to be free for download to anyone. That project got canned because I fell into depression and wasn’t fully prepared for the task I guess. My previous blogs and projects weren’t total failures.

I learnt a lot from them. Especially when dealing with future projects. Like how to prepare and create content in advance so that you don’t feel pressured. Quality beats quantity. How to connect with readers and how to drive traffic to my blog. So even though I failed at my pass projects. They gave me valuable experience that can’t be learnt through reading or any type of theory.

That’s why I think I’ve done a great job so far with my personal blog. So far this was a test run to see if I learnt anything from my past failures. So yeah I did 🙂 . That’s why now before I start my new project I want to make sure I’ve gotten everything in order. I hope you guys reading this learnt sometimes failure isn’t failure it is experience on what not to do 🙂


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