Read on your #smartphone, promoting #reading awareness

You know the saying knowledge is power. Its true. The more you know the more you can do. We learn from reading. The sad truth is we have all these new technologies to help us read anywhere or anytime. From your tablet or your smart phone but fail to use them. I’ve asked the question on facebook today? If anyone uses their smart to read books. No one commented or liked it. Nobody was even curious to ask and find out how?

Reading for me became my education for life, graphic design, social media, blogging and success. I hated reading in school but now it helps me gain skills to help me improve my life. Sure I love reading blogs but reading a book takes commitment and has a lot more research and resources in it.

I read books on my blackberry 8520. I use the app epub reader which you can get on app world. Epub is a format like pdf but for smart phones. The epub books are smaller in size unlike pdf. You can get an epub reader for nokia, sony, blackberry, iphone, android and many other phones. What makes reading great on your smart phone. You can read when or where you want. The best feature for me is you can enlarge the text to make it more visible to read.

Features depend on what ever app you using to read epub or pdf books. You can read books in other formats like mobi, epub and pdf. The reason I’m using epub as an example is because it is the most common format for smart phones and because they are small in size or megabytes.

My last book read on my smart phone was let go by pat flynn. It was an awesome book and encourage you to read it to. You have the technology now read a book there’s no excuse about being lazy to go to the library. Have an awesome day.


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