Converting mkv movies to dvd is hard and annoying

Yeah that’s me converting movies on my pc!

Its been a while since I’ve gotten my hands so many movies at once. My friend learnt me his external hard drive with movies to download slash copy for myself. So I did. Yeah I know I’m pirating. Who hasn’t! Anyway a lot of the movies he had was in HD but in the mkv format. Sure I could watch those movies on my PC but I was hoping to watch it in the lounge on my 73 inch flat screen tv. The only problem is? I still got a dvd player. So I’m gonna have to convert the HD mkv movies to dvd first.

So the converting process began. I tweaked the program to the best I could, making sure it converts to dvd as the best quality as possible. It was successful and clear accept for it wasn’t playing smooth because the HD frame rate per second is way higher than dvd. I tried everything. Used different software. Still nothing. I even converted the converted files out of desperation. Even if it looked ok on the Pc. When I played it on the dvd player via usb. It was still playing shitty slow and pausing.

I was really hoping to watch fast and furious 6 on my big tv. Anyway all that converting was a waste of time. Rather just watch it on my PC or get a bluray player with mkv compatible.


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