Last night’s weird dream

Its been a while since I’ve had a dream I could remember once waking up. This dream was about “Me!, I was going to something like a high school reunion but not just my class. Everyone who finished that year was there. It was like a big party with all the students and teachers of the year 2002.

Everyone is drinking and dancing. I’ve Chatted to a few friends and then go inside for something to drink. Then I see a teacher that didn’t like me in school and i shouted at him, I hate you. Everything went quite in the room and a female friend of mine said to me what’s wrong with you this is a party. I walked out in a rage.

After that a friend helped me calm down. Then I went back inside and demanded that this teacher apologise to me for the torment he did all those years ago in school. The teacher didn’t even look at me. Instead he pulled out his phone and recorded everything I said and played it back to me and said! I don’t care.

I was so pissed I walked out again and my friend asked me what happened. Then my friend said to me maybe its time to stop talking. I said yes fuck that I’m done talking and pulled out a gun a cocked it. Then the last part I remembered before waking up is? The teacher made a phone call to someone saying take him out before he takes me out.”

I woke up thinking did that actually happen and after a few minutes I realised it was just a dream. Weird I know. The friend in the dream I have no idea who that was. That dream was a little to person for my liking. Guess some old feeling of hatred for that teacher just came out in a form of a dream who knows. Glad that’s over.


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