Avoiding church!

This morning I just didn’t feel like going to church in fact I haven’t been to church in about 2 months. Don’t get me wrong I believe in GOD but just don’t have faith in the church anymore. When my mom came back from church she would argue with me, asking me why I never wake up for church! I’d give her the same answer I gave her last week. I didn’t answer her. Just silence because any answer I would of given would of just led into an argument.

The reason I don’t go to church is I have more people judging me there rather than encouragement. Sometimes they care more about being right then helping you. I’ve had people make me feel so small and unimportant. All I can say is you don’t know me, so don’t judge me. People can never truly give you advice about a situation until they themselves have experienced it.

So I woke up prayed and watched the minster preach on the tv this morning. So that was kind of my church for today. The freedom to be in god without being judged. I also like to point out that I ain’t picking on all churches. Its just generally people who often make the church what it is. So I’m not blaming the ministry just the people who make it unpleasant to be in church.


4 thoughts on “Avoiding church!

  1. I can totally relate to this – today was my first day back to church in over a month – church is not a place you would expect judgement and ridicule but unfortunately it’s there. I hope you go back and look past the bad few because true fellowship with others helps to keep you grounded. All the best

    1. Hey Thanks for understanding and commenting. Yeah its pretty hard going back to church knowing what awaits me. I will eventually go back. Just sorting my life out first because I’m going through a had time right now. Unsure what to do or what to believe. Guess have to do all things in faith right?

      1. Truth is practicing faith is easier said than done especially if your situation is crazy. Sorting out your life is always good. I would prefer you went back because YOU WANTED TO but remember you don’t need to fix anything to worship Christ. You can’t sort yourself out enough

      2. Yeah I know what you mean hey. Just feel guilty for past mistakes I guess. You right though and will keep it mind when going back to church. I’m just looking to start over.

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