Trying out meditation for stress

meditation photo meditation.jpg
Image by :nikhilshelke

Ah back from the weekend and its monday so you know everyone is feeling a little blue. I’ve had a stressful weekend with problems like my sister in law fighting with my brother and him coming to stay the night because they had a fight. So been up all night and early this morning. Also my dog is still sick and talking her to the vet today. So much stress and no way to deal with it. So I thought I’d give meditation a shot.

Like many people when it comes to meditation I thought it was for monks and stuff. Just recently on the DR OZ show I saw DR OZ showing how meditation is for everyone. You don’t have to do it for hours ,just a few minutes everyday. So that felt do-able and motivated me to try it.

I’ve tried it this morning and a few days now. It feels good to clear your mind. You feel at peace. Surprisingly it did help make me feel a little lighter. Of course you have to do it everyday for it to really work. I’ve got a long way to go, to really make this work for me, but it is worth investing some time into.

Also I downloaded a dairy app on my blackberry to track my progress and thoughts. Even though I have a blog I sometimes often don’t share everything about my life because my blog links are shared on facebook and twitter. So I don’t really want my families to read about my most inner thoughts.


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