The girl I could of had

Monday was my 29th birthday and I’ve gotten a lot of wishes from friends and facebook. Late monday afternoon I got a late birthday wish via facebook inbox. It was a girl who wanted to date me a year ago. I didn’t date her because she just broke up with her boyfriend back then and I wasn’t willing to settle for being the rebound guy.

She wished me. We started talking. Eventually she gave me her bbm pin again. I had her bbm pin a year ago but I deleted her because we got into a fight etc. So we haven’t spoken since. We did some catching up and its seems she has a boyfriend now. Sure I had no problem with it, Until! She started talking about her sex life with me which was odd.

She went into great detail about it (“her sex life”) and it turn me on. I wanted her bad. Then! She reminded me about how I didn’t want to date her a year ago and I would of been enjoying her if I was with her now. I wasn’t sure if she was punishing me or making me realise what a mistake I’ve made. Either way I felt jealous.

I told her I was happy for her. Which I was ,but at the same time I didn’t wanna show her I was jealous. So we just friends now but I’m not sure if its healthy because since yesterday she’s been chatting to me non stop on bbm.


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