Maybe a new project will give me purpose!

Its just another day of unemployment sitting at home bored out of my mind. When sitting alone with your thoughts long enough you begin to dwell in negative thoughts. That just pisses me off. Maybe I need to focus my energy into something like a new project. Who knows this might be exactly what I need to get my confidence back.

I only originally wrote this 1st paragraph of this post earlier this week, but now its the weekend and just working on a project. I was right to do this because I’ve been focused on one thing only creating a logo for my facebook graphic design slash hobby page. Sure I got a little frustrated now and then coming up on ideas for a logo and name but it helped me get my mind of all the negativity I’ve been through lately.

Still doing some touch ups on a logo and chose a weird name for my facebook design page ,but I’m tired of trying to come up with the right or perfect name. I just need something to do and keep me busy.

If your wanna share your thoughts on life, graphic design, goals, dreams, advice or anxiety and depression you no what to do. Comment, email me or send me a tweet I’d be sure to listen to what ever you have to say. Cheers for now have an awesome weekend.


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