Following your dreams

I’m sure many of you will relate to this post. Having a passion or a dream isn’t always easy but its something on the inside of you that drives you. Motivates you and gives you purpose. Something you just can’t explain.

My dream is to work for myself be an entrepreneur and motivate people with my success and experience. Of course I haven’t achieved that success yet. I’ve had many set backs. When I got frustrated and saw my dream was going nowhere I took a break from things but never gave up on it. Sometimes a break helps you destress and recuperate.

I no I haven’t posted much on my blog lately. I’ve been so busy with so much going on in my live. Guess when things got bad for me I began to hate the things I loved like blogging ,graphic design and social media. That’s why I took a break from things, but now I’m back and love it more than ever.

I just want to say if you feel your dreams are going nowhere. Don’t give up take a break ,gain a fresh prospective and try again. Its easy to get caught up in your failure and think its never gonna happen. I’ve been there. You feel powerless and overwhelmed. Sometimes you must do what you can and worry about the rest later. If I ever had a philosophy for success it would be “Research, learn and practice”.


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