Happy birthday dad this post for you!

Today is my dad’s birthday and thought I’d honor him with a post. To be honest I have a hard time expressing my feeling. I wish I could be bold enough to tell my dad how much I appreciate him. My father might never know how I feel but I do love him.

Sure his not perfect. He may not believe in my dreams, but he still inspires me. His the hardest working man I know. To see what he has sacrificed for me and my family is an inspiration itself. I wish I was more like him, bold confident and hard working.

So today I just want to say thank you dad for all you’ve done for me. When I needed my first computer. He worked the extra hours just so I could have one. The same goes for my 1st cellphone. Its easy to forget what was done but today I am reminded of what you’ve done for me.

Well I’m off for now. My sister is taking my dad and the rest of my family out for supper tonight so just thought I’d write this post before I go.


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