Are you ready? for 2014

Hello bloggers, friends and family. Christmas and New years is around the corner. So much to do also not to mention the christmas shopping. We get so caught up in the moment and before you know it, its a new year.

I’m still not sure though if I’m ready for 2014 just yet. I have so many lose ends of my life to tie up. Like getting right with god. Getting help for my anxiety. I’m only human I’m sure many of you still have some uncompleted goals.

Despite my disappointments this year I plan on doing things right for 2014. I wanna be confident, bolder, and embrace a new opportunities with an I can attitude. Cause I’ve always been timid, shy and antisocial to new experiences.

2014 will be my year of success. My dreams will come true. I speak these things in faith right now. I’m hoping for the best. I wish every reader, commenter, friend and family the best for 2014 cause I’m hoping for great things.


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