Should I get a #girlfriend only to satisfy #sexual urges!

The past weekend after meeting up with friends. We was discussing how we was getting old and how some of us are still single and may need to settle down. My one friend said yeah we have to get a girlfriends now because we getting old and can’t control our sexual urges forever. At the time I thought what non sense.

Later that week when feeling kinda turned on and aroused. That thought of what my friend said popped in my head making me think maybe his right. Cause a guy getting aroused can be a lot to bare and masturbation guys don’t like to resort to unless truly desperate.

I mean guys will never admit it among friends even if they do masturbate. Maybe out of pride or embarrassment. Still having a girl friend would make it easier but the problem is! We also have values as christians, not to have sex before marriage. Unfortunately i did break those values and made wrong choices.

Its true my urges get the better of me sometimes. The questions I’m struggling with now is what do I do about it. If I resort to masturbation that leaves me lonely and dissatisfied and wanting more. If I had a girlfriend I’d have someone I’m happy with and could have sex with to. Hopefully it wouldn’t feel like I’m using her for sex only. Cause I just want a relationship that includes sex. Don’t judge me I’m just sharing my thoughts that’s all.

I’m sure if any of my friends read this might rip and laugh about it. Hell I’ll laugh with them about it, but its a topic that needed to be spoken about. Still finding that right girl might take while.


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