Anxiety makes me a coward!

Courage_the_cowardly_dog2image by

Its true as my post title suggests I am a coward. Unable to face real life situations due to my anxiety. I panic. Avoid my problems and never able face them head on. I ask myself many times what am I afraid of. I can never answer that question honestly. I’m just afraid I feel, I say.

I’ve made many mistakes, wrote about things and people out of anger on my blog. I apologise. It feels like I’m going insane. Having a mental melt down. Losing my mind. My memory is terrible. Can’t remember simple things. Lately my anxiety episodes have gotten worst where everything around me gets loud and I can’t hear myself think. Like a computer about to crash it feels.

I can’t go on like this. 2014 I have to make something of my life before I self-destruct. I guess maybe its the pressure of failure and the need to succeed that’s causing this. Even if I gotten a good job I’d probably lose it and crash and burn with anxiety. Confidence I’m lacking. Hopefully soon I can write a post about how I’ve overcome anxiety instead of living with it.


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