Hunting for a date before valentines day

Its been 2 maybe 3 years since I have been in a relationship and every year on that one day valentines day I am reminded that I am alone. Those sappy love adverts on tv and people’s facebook statuses are a constant reminder of my relationship status.

So this year I decided! Screw it I’m gonna find a date just for valentines day. I had no Idea where to start. So I started looking at single facebook friends, bbm, whatsapp and wechat contacts. Still it was kinda hard though and didn’t wanna screw up any friendships I had.

So I started making new friends but still no luck. The next thing I did was something maybe a little degrading to women. I began to make friends and flirt with some unattractive girls. I don’t mean ugly just not attractive but it was ok as long as they had a good body. Also unattractive girls are easy as long as you make them feel wanted nothing else matters. Besides I’m looking for a date for that day not to get married.

Its seems I hit the jackpot. On the instant messenger wechat I found 3 girls who fell for my lame pick up lines and my adorable flirtation. 2 of them live in my area which made it even better.

Still! Getting at least one of them to agree still might be a challenge but after getting to know them better I simply put it out there that I am looking for someone to spend valentines day with. One them said they don’t celebrate valentines day but doesn’t mind hanging out with me. So that’s kind of good news. The other 2 girls said they will think about it.

Well one of the other 2 girls said ok and then she started being forward towards me thinking I’m looking for a one night stand. It was kinda creepy. It wasn’t even seductive. Lastly the last girl said yes to my valentines day proposal but lives to far.

Still its seems I made a mess just flirting with these girls cause they think I’m looking to be romantic with them. I’m just looking for female company to spend the day. Is that so much to ask for. I put all my cards on the table to what I want but it seems girls want more which is scary. Oh well if things don’t work out this valentines day I don’t think I’m gonna celebrate it again until I have a solid girl friend.


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