Taking my graphic designs skills online

There comes a point in a persons career when you ask yourself what am I doing wrong if you not getting results. Its been 3 years. I’ve doing graphic design for fun. Designed some posters for churches and favours for friends. Still I love what I do but its getting me nowhere. Freelance work is hard to come by and even when you do get freelance work you don’t make enough money.

It came to my attention that I should work as a graphic designer online. My friend Zak Suggested this to me and also was listening to one of pat Flynn’s podcast that suggested the same thing.

I’m don’t really know how exactly but from what my friend told me so far. Websites like stockexchange and istock will sell my designs and take a small percentage. Unfortunately it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Its takes a lot of time and effort to make it work. Still its works because while I do my freelance work from home. In my spare time I can use sites like istock and stockexchang to promote and sell my designs online.

Still I have no idea what I’m doing. So sunday I’m gonna meet up with my friend, have a master mind meeting and let him explain to me how exactly to go about things since his making money online. Its still a struggle for me since I don’t have internet or wifi. Everything online I do so far “like my blogging” is done from my phone.

I also launched my design brand flamingfoxgraphics recently and created the facebook page. Also sharing some of my designs on my facebook page and getting the word out there. I haven’t made that much of an impact on facebook or potential local clients. So I’m gonna give selling my designs online a shot and see what happens. Also anyone who can advise me. Give me any possible advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.

I am looking forward in trying a new direction. Its time for a change. I always wanted to embrace the online economy but always afraid to take that risk.


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