I hate you #pinterest

I hate you #pinterest

Today I’ve spent all day trying to set up a pinterest account for my graphic design brand. I spent like an hour sorting out my password because every time I’d try to like somebody’s picture it will tell me there’s something strange with your account so logout and reset password. So I’d do just that. I’d Logout and reset password, then I’d try to use pinterest again and like someone’s photo and then again it tells me to reset password.

I was so pissed like an angry bird. Just wanted to launch my head into the Pc monitor. What ever money I had I bought data to use on my 3G data card to setup my pinterest and now its eating my all data. So I’ve sorted nothing. Finally I reseted my password for the last time and then tried logging into pinterest with my blackberry using operamini. Guess what the stupid thing told me to reset my password.

I’m so annoyed my data is finished! Yesterday googleplus pissed me of but not as bad as pinterest. I even tried using my personal pinterest account and they telling me to reset my password. I can’t change the password on my phone, only on the computer which can’t now with all my data finish. So far no luck launching my graphic design brand online 😦

I generally did love pinterest until this stupid issue.


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