#Podcast day

gamer skull photo stock-vector-human-skull-in-ear-phones-vector-image-3915175.jpg

Image by Thermo0o

Podcasts are awesome and I don’t even know why I stop listening to them. Guess I never really needed them until now. Today I receive some bad news that my dad is having some financial problems. Of course the 1st thing I did was have panic and have anxiety attack but somehow I managed to calm myself down. Next I was thinking of ways to solve my dads problem. Well I hit some dead ends and became depressed.

So I decided to pull out some old podcast by tim paige ,pat Flynn and other amazing entrepreneurs. Finally listened to some podcasts and they really encouraged me giving me hope. Hearing people getting interviewed and hearing their success stories.

So from now on I decided to make monday a podcast day. To listen to podcasts at least once a week on mondays. People don’t realise that you can’t always do everything on their own strength, sometimes you need that extra push and motivation.


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