Its like gods word spoke to me at church 2day

Its been a rough week for me and I was doubting to go to church today but I’m glad I did. So the pastor was preaching and out of nowhere he started talking about he knows how bad things are and know how hard it is to get job these days. First time I’ve seen my pastor saying this and connecting with the people at this level.

Then he said something that surprised me. We need to stop thinking of traditional ways to get finance and money. We need to think outside the box. That god can give you an idea and the creative ability to do something extraordinary to become self employed or be an entrepreneur.

I so agree with what he was saying because its what I believed all along because I read a lot about success and I understand that being traditional is limited and if we can’t get a job that we have the power to create finance in other ways.

The main message I learnt today is that we need to change our mindset. Anyway just hope I have this attitude when monday morning comes.


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