Where are you god when we need you!

Today I decided to redo my cv(resume) which americans call resume. Unfortunately I have to put my dreams on hold. Money is tight and I don’t even think we have enough money to pay this months light bill. So who knows when they gonna come cut it.

Well things have been hard since my dad isn’t working over time and they barely have enough work. So his not even working his full hours. So we getting less money and can’t afford to met up the bills.

Sadly we might be forced to sell the house and car eventually to do something to survive. I love my dreams but I love my family more. Sadly its not just us that struggling it seems neighbours and friends are going through the same thing because of this screwed up economy and government.

To be honest it feels like god has forsaken us. Like our praying are not being answered. I’m trying to be positive but its hard when nothing is working out and things are getting worst. Well I haven’t given up yet. So if you can please pray for my family I could use all the help I can get.


7 thoughts on “Where are you god when we need you!

  1. Be strong. Although it might seem like you’ve fallen into a deep ditch, there’s a reason to why it happens. Answers don’t usually come straight away and sometimes it comes years later before you realise that somehow its a blessing in disguise. God bless your family and you. Stay strong!!! ❀

    1. Thank you I really needed these words or encouragement today. I meant only recently I started praying again and believing in god and then the devil came to knock me down. Its good to know there are people like you out there who make the difference and encourage people in the time of need.

  2. It may seem like there is no end in sight, but you will always get through it somehow. I’ve been at that very place many times and I’ve managed to get out of it. There were times we had to scrape up for a loaf of bread (R10)… but things are getting better, so just have faith. You and your family will be okay.

  3. let me help you with your anxiety when you have anxiety what you need to do is want you to breathe through the inside and go feelf, feel it in your heart and in your soul very slowly today stay in that feeling you will find that you will be able to handle this.

    it’s very important that when you have anxiety you need to breathe slowly in your diaphragm go through this emotion anxiety and go through it very carefully remember to breathe.

    1. Thanks Ezme. I know you right. Sometimes the anxiety hits so fast I don’t have time to think! My mind just goes blank! But I will to practice breathing exercises to help me calm down. thank you for visiting my blog also πŸ™‚

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