Good bye for now

Its 11pm tonight and I’m still up. I can’t sleep because there’s so much on my mind. Mostly that my BIS(blackberry internet service) expires at midnight tonight. I have no money for data or internet so I’m gonna be offline for now. Who knows it could be a few days, a week or even a month.

Unfortunately what ever money I do have I’m helping out my family at home because we are financially in a bad situation. Sometimes I just wanna give up and blame GOD for our situation.

To be honest I feel like committing suicide. Life is to hard for me. I can’t get a job. Even when I do get a job. I screw it up because I feel pressured not by others but myself because of my anxiety. I don’t even have the money to seek professional help about that.

Anyway I just wanted to say good bye for now.


4 thoughts on “Good bye for now

  1. Hey, don’t worry too much – things always get really bad before they get better (if that makes any sense). Don’t forget you have that little gift from rebel ink to look forward to 😉 I hope it will help. xx

    1. Hey thank you for being an encouragement in my life. It makes all the difference. I know I complain a lot sorry about that. Its just because I feel so powerless sometimes but thank you for your continuous encouragement it helps and I hope god blesses you my friend.

      Yeah can’t wait for my gift :p hehe I only received your comment today coz managed to get some data anyway I just wanna thank you again for always looking out n giving me advice.

      1. God has already blessed me. I have achieved so many things and experienced so many things despite the financial situation we’ve faced from time to time…

        I was actually meant to reach out to you today to find out if it had arrived 🙂 We sent it off on Tuesday afternoon, so you should get by today hopefully! If it doesn’t find you then looks like I can’t trust normal mail for these things!

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