What’s does fitness has to do with self esteem

Today like any other day I was relaxing in my room until I heard my dogs barking so I ran to go see what was going on! Suddenly I realised I’m out of breathe. Then I realised how out of shape I was. Still I’m sure you wondering what this has to do with my post title!

Here we go! I’ve read a lot of inspiring articles and books! Still my self esteem and confidence is at an all time low. Today after being out of breathe from just running from my room to the lounge got me thinking! I don’t feel good about myself. its also why I’m so lazy both mentally and physically.

Being out of shape effected my self esteem more than I ever knew. It influences my mind set of not feeling good enough. Not looking good enough. So not really giving it my 100%, not really any way.

Guess thinking about getting in shape is even harder! Then there’s dieting and eating healthy. So I’ve been putting off exercise for a while. So I heard this podcast right about this entrepreneur who started the 12 minute athlete. Its was inspiring to hear her story about how after exercising and getting in shape how her confidence began to grow. She became bolder and daring once started feeling good about herself and her life.

It was inspiration oh right. My point is inspiration runs out and I’ll still have to put in the work for this to, well! WORK! So I’m writing this post as a reminder that I should get in shape as soon as possible. Hopefully some of you reading this will keep me grounded and make sure I keep my word.


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