To Go or not to Go!

Its friday and our neighbour’s daughter is getting married. Its a hindu or tamil wedding. So the wedding is actually tomorrow but they invited us also tonight. I’m not sure weather to go. I mean its gonna feel awkward sitting with my parents and yet again going to another function being single. Also most of the girls there come with their boyfriends or parents. So theirs no room for flirting or meeting someone new.

Still the upside is! There’s always good food at these events. Never mind that just looking at all the beautiful women is enough even if I don’t talk to them. The other reason why I don’t wanna go is because I cut my hair. I made it really short and I don’t look so good with this hairstyle. What was I thinking hey! It was hot and I was frustrated so yes I cut my own hair.

Usually when I go to these events that are in my neighbourhood. I usually sit with my one neighbour if possible. She always keeps me company! No she’s not single though just really sweet. I want to go but I’m in a crappy mood for some reason. So I’m not sure if I’ll be good company.

The thing is! The girl that’s getting married. Well a year or 2 ago we was getting to know each other better. Even though we are neighbours I never really spoke to her. So I added her on facebook she had broken up with her ex at the time and we used to stay up late chatting. There was some chemistry there but all of a sudden she disappeared. I haven’t heard from her in a while since then.

Late last year I see she’s back on facebook again but this time she has a boyfriend. So i noticed she unfriended me on facebook. So I added her again as a friend, but never spoken since then. Sorry I think I got a bit side tracked putting to much taught into this post remembering the history here.

Anyway if I don’t find something to wear and if I don’t look good wearing it. I am not going.


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