Can’t believe I inspired an anxiety support group on #googleplus

Can’t believe I inspired an anxiety support group on #googleplus

Hi my name is Vishal and I suffer from anxiety. Like many others out there. I was seeking help online through social networks about anxiety. In my searches I realised that there wasn’t much support out there for people suffering from anxiety. Sure there are websites and stuff out there, but they usually want you to buy their book or something!

I was looking for place! No a group/community where people with anxiety could engage and share with one another they true feeling and know they are not alone. Not to long a go I started using google plus a lot. I’ve made some good friends there. A shout to Samuel Vain who inspired me to write this post.

So I’ve been searching through googleplus! Hashtag #anxiety and found a women named Sarah talking about how she used to have anxiety. So I commented and gave a small speech about how there needs to be a group for people who suffer from anxiety.

Little did I know my speech would spark a movement. I think Sarah or my friend Samuel created such a group now. Only late last week did I find out about this group when I wrote a post on googleplus about how I had anxiety that week. Then my friend Samuel told me! Have you forgotten there is such a group for anxiety! One that you helped inspired and was created for people like us.

I never imagined I would inspire such an act! An anxiety support group. I just joined the group recently. Sadly the group page doesn’t work on your mobile if you got a blackberry like me or using operamini. It does work on android and desktop devices though. If you interested in joining this anxiety support group add me googleplus


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