Missed out on Ucon south africa

Finally an event like comiccon has come to south africa. Ucon! Its something I’ve always dreamt of going for. I mean you get to see cosplay, making friends with other gamers and anime fans.
Its the ultimate convention for comicbook junkies, anime and gaming addicts.

Unfortunately it was in another city a bit far from me so I could not go and not to mention I’m broke! So no money to spend and travel there. Still it gives me hope for next year. This years Ucon was unexpected and a huge surprised because we never really had anything like this in south africa before.

I’m sure my friend Zak would agree its definitely worth investing for next year! I mean we die hard anime fans and need a place where we can go and share that passion. For example cosplay! Dressing up as our favourite anime character and just being someone else for the day, living in a fantasy world. Even if its just for a few awesome hours.

I may of missed out on this years UCON but next year I will definitely make a plan to go.


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