Brothers No more!

Today it breaks my heart to discard a family member from my life but its not like his ever there for us. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My sister and my 1 brother praveen whose a little older than me is always there for me, my mom and my dad! But my eldest brother Niresh he abandoned us!

The reason why I am writing this post is! Lately my dad has been really sick and my sister and my brother praveen comes and sees how he is. My brother Niresh doesn’t even care. He phoned one day spoke for a minute and was talking about himself because he thinks we gonna ask him for money or something.

It makes me sick to see my brother Niresh behaving like a stranger to his own father. The only time he visits is when his marriage is falling apart. Then he comes to stays here. Then he and his wife gets back together and then he forgets his family.

For years sometimes we don’t see him. I don’t even have a relationship with my nephews because they don’t visit. He listens to his wife to stay away from us. I don’t have time for someone who has no time for us. Its sad to cut off someone who is your family but it has to be done.


3 thoughts on “Brothers No more!

  1. I wanted to tell you something I’m a medium and they taught me every single time I have and the motion disturbed within me I am to feel that emotion and dive right into it and keep doing this into it no longer disturb my human emotion

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