Am I a womaniser?

I’m single almost 30 and can’t commit to a women. No not because I don’t want to! Its because I’m unemployed and no women will want to get serious with a guy without a job right. So instead I have been flirting with a few women. We have an understanding that I’m not looking for a relationship. Just looking to take care of each others needs.

Hold on before you judge me! I know you thinking I’m talking about sex. Yes sex is one of the benefits but it doesn’t only mean sex. We there for each other when we lonely or need a friend. Sometimes if we need someone to go out with and like spend the day etc.

Only problem is I’m caught between 2 girls. I like spending time with both of them but I also like flirting with other women. Maybe its a mid life crisis. Who knows! But I don’t see my self committing to either of these women. They say they ok with it but sometimes I get vibes like they want more from me.

We have a great relationship the way things are. A relationship would suck the life from the fun we have. Still having 2 women in my life and flirting with others is time consuming and draining maybe I will pick one in time but for now I’ll enjoy what I have. 🙂

I do plan on getting in a serious relationship once things are better financially I guess.


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