why our south african national elections scares me?

The week is finally here. The 7th of may our countries fate will be decided. I know I sound dramatic like I’m talking about a movie but I’m pretty much serious. As an indian I am concerned because the majority party! The ANC! If they win they want to prevent thousands on indians and coloured’s from getting jobs. Also stopping them from getting promoted to senior positions.

So yes this worries me because as it is I can not get a job now with the ANC still already in charge. This is our future. I want a better life, with better opportunities. So my hope is that another party like the DA will win and bring change for a better south africa. Still the ANC isn’t all bad and has its flaws like any other parties, but with the new laws they want to implement if they win the elections will prevent us indians and coloured’s from getting jobs.

This is just plain down cheap and dirty. They just trying to get more black voters by pulling this stunt.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not racist. I’m fair but from what I see the ANC is trying to create a black south africa and not a democratic one. Its funny because the ANC used to stand for democracy. The ANC may not be racist in the traditional way but they are doing it in a financially way. Where indians and coloured with be oppressed when it comes to getting jobs.

So if you ask me why this elections scares me. You should know why by now.

I don’t why? But the ANC wants to hold on to the past and show people how they struggled! This is a shame since so much has been accomplished by the late Nelson Mandela to change that very past.

The ANC has failed this country with their corruption, unfairness and now its time to vote for a new government. I don’t care if its the DA, COPE or even the IFP that wins the election. I just want a government that’s gonna make this country better not just for blacks but for every race.

So my plead is to every south african reading this post. Please vote for the right party. I can not tell you who to vote for? But make up your own mind and realise that this current government is doing a bad job and changes need to be made.


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