Bored jobless and running out of things to do!

Today I woke up and I realised that I’m so bored that I’m actually helping my mom clean! Generally I hate doing any house work but now if it will keep me busy I will do it. Why?

I’m jobless slash unemployed and at home for so long that I’ve run out of things to do or past the time. Yes I’m frustrated. Still got the issue of dealing anxiety but that’s a matter of another day.

My routine for the day! Wake up eat breakfast. Watch television till my cellphone charges. When my phone is charged I’ll use it for facebook and twitter till my battery needs charging again. Then while my phone is charging again I’ll go play with my dogs till my phone is charged. I’ll play with my phone again but this time I’ll go online looking for inspirational graphic design to inspire me to go on my computer and design something. I’ll go on my computer I’ll struggle to design something for while then stop designing stuff and watch tvshow series till its night time for supper and time to go sleep.

I know there’s not much to live for ,but that’s me just sharing my daily life in case someone out there can relate. Sure blogging and social networking is a hobby of mine that suppose to help me destress but waiting around for comments and feedback can be frustrating sometimes.

Hmmm what else I’m so bored I’m writing this blog post. Anyway I’m just looking for suggestions for a more social engaging hobby that wouldn’t cost me money! Can anyone help me?


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