This weeks goal finally done but with some complications

Hi! To those of you who has been reading my blog. I’m sure you know by now I’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. So I recently I put my life on hold to fight this thing. I’ve recently been contacted by the south african anxiety and depression community on what I should do about my problem.

My goal for this week was to get a letter from my clinic so I could get treatment and therapy for my anxiety from the government hospital because I can’t afford to go to a private one.

So yesterday I did go to the clinic and this one nurse was giving me shit about why I was there because “she was like? what’s that anxiety you came here for!”. I was so angry,anxious an felt like slapping her. I think that nurse was new because she didn’t really know what she was doing or how to handle my problem. Thank god another nurse came in and helped me. She understood how hard it was for me to come there for help and assisted me kindly unlike that other nurse.

I’m just glad I’m finally done with that. Next I have to visit the hospital to see a therapist to advise me what to do. God knows this anxiety has held me back for far to long and I will not let a moment longer be wasted. So yeah! Dealing with my anxiety is my number one priority right now.


8 thoughts on “This weeks goal finally done but with some complications

  1. I know how to help you get rid of but this is going to involve and you knowing and learning how with me and a couple of other herbs you will be cured but I need your patience and I need you to be understanding

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