Finally sorted out my #starsat satellite dish

You know what’s worse than being unemployed? Well having to deal with customer care for your satellite service. About 2 weeks ago we installed starsat satellite tv. The problem was the tv channels I wanted to worked wasn’t working at all.

I called the customer service 2 weeks ago and a lot of other times since then. There was no help at all from the customer care. They only kept telling me they submitted our problem to the technical department and they will call me. They never did call me. I kept call them for the past 2 weeks and wasting my airtime dealing with this nonsense.

Friday last week someone from starsat called us and said they will be here in 30 minutes to sort our problem. The day went by and nobody arrived. We called the number the guy called us from and lady answer and said she will give us the technicians number. Ok I phone that number and a guy answers who doesn’t work for that company. I was so pissed because its frustrating no is helping us.

So this morning I email the company threatening them if they didn’t sort out my problem by today I was gonna put them in the papers for bad customers service. An hour later they sent a van with their technicians to finally sort things out. Now all my tv channels are working thank god.

Guess sometimes you can’t be nice to get results.


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