Awesome day taking my dogs to get vaccinated

I’m kinda tired waking up early because this morning the SPCA came in my area giving dogs rabies vaccinations. I have 2 dogs. So I had to make 2 trips to take each dogs for the Rabies vaccines. So 1st! I took my male dog “King”. He gave me a hard time. Pulling me with force. Also had a hard time giving him the rabies vaccines because he hates when I hold him still. He refused to take the injection. Eventually I had to hold him down tight long enough for them to inject him .

So I came back home and now took my female dog “Brandy”. She loves going for walks and got her vaccination easily. Just before I could come back home, I saw this lady taking her dogs to get vaccinated. So when they injected this ladies dog, the dogs turned on her owner and was viciously biting her hand.

Guess it was great getting out of the house taking my dogs for a walk. Seeing other breeds of dogs there to. Just glad I got my dogs vaccinated today. 🙂


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