The end of season 3 of Revenge was wow!

Its been a week since my niece learnt me her samsung galaxy tablet to load game of thrones for her. Also she learnt me the tablet along with Revenge season’s 2 and 3 that she had downloaded. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to watch another series after just finishing Game of thrones ,because season 1 of Revenge was kind of boring for me.

Anyway you guys know I’m unemployed and have nothing else to do! So from last week to this sunday night I’ve been having a Revenge marathon. I originally suppose to upload this post last night but I lost track of time. Anyway I got to say seasons 2 and 3 is nothing like season 1.. Season 2 only gets better and season 3 OMG!! The twists and turns that keeps you intrigued, making you wanting more.

Now that I got so hooked to this dam series I want season 4 which is only coming this october along with some of my other favourite series.


If you haven’t watched season 3 of revenge don’t read this part on my post.

To be honest I was disappointed when they killed off Aden. The surprise that David clark is really alive is another mystery. So there’s a lot we don’t know I guess about the conspiracy against David clark. Now that Victoria has been committed to be psychotic by Amanda! What is Amanda’s next move?


I’m glad Declan porter is dead his character was annoying. Ashley also is a character I’m happy to see good. I’m not happy that Conrad Grayson is died. He play a good villain.

So I’m hoping to get some feedback from you tvshow revenge fanatics on your views of the show.


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