Sad day at the #SPCA with my neighbours dog

Sad day at the #SPCA with my neighbours dog

Today was a day I’d never forget I’m still in shock after what has happened. I was watching TV like I normally do and I noticed my neighbours came early from work. So I greeted them and they asked me if I wanted to come with them, because wanted to take their dog to the SPCA. They dog was sick and they know I’m a dog lover. Also I always looked after their dogs from small pup.

Anyway we went to the SPCA thinking their dog “Milo” got a minor sickness and that he would get better soon after seeing the vet. Sadly when we did see the Vet, he had given the news that dog has cancer. It was sad and emotional for me and my neighbours. The Vet told my neighbours that if you love your dog you should put him off because his suffering.

It was a tough decision after watching my neighbours cry and myself crying because I practically raised him. Eventually my neighbours had to put Milo off to sleep. I’m heart broken. I still can’t believe his gone. May you rest in peace.


29 thoughts on “Sad day at the #SPCA with my neighbours dog

  1. Milo will always in ur neighbour’s heart and u too..he is now happy and he never suffer anymore coz he is now in heaven watching over u…Rest in peace dear Mighty Milo..

    1. Thank you for your touching words it is greatly appreciated. I’m sure you right but it was a hard day to get through. Thank you again πŸ™‚

      1. Most welcome…Stay strong and be proud as Milo keep it strong and keep fighting just to be with u guys till parted..and i’m sure he felt content and glad to have very best friends like u guys..

      1. Just depressed a lot of crying, I don’t feel him but I do imagine him a lot like for second I see him sitting in the lounge or somewhere in the house.

      2. Vishal you are doing good, now I’ am here for you and I assure you if you just give me a chance and stop blocking me.
        My mentor told me to leave you alone and that for me to stop pushing myself. So when your ready I’m here just for a while I’am really ill and only have maybe 3 years to live so the rest is up to you.

      3. Well that’s okay if you try and do that thing that I talk to you about the depression will go away. I am a psychic and I am a medium and I am here to help my accuracy rate is very high

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