Today is 1 week since my dog “King” pasted away

Today is exactly 1 week since my dog “KinG” has pasted away. I thought I was doing ok until yesterday but today the reality of knowing that exactly a week ago on this day, my dog died. I broke down with tears crying.

Later that day I was talking to my mom. We was talking about how quite it is that my dog “KinG” is gone. Then I never expected my mom to break down in tears saying how much she misses him.
Then and there I realised how selfish I was! All this time I was thinking about myself ,about how much I miss “KinG”. I never stopped to think about how my family is feeling about this loss. My mom she loved “King”. She treated him like a child. No like a baby.

My dog “KinG” was the life of this house. As soon as we wake up his barking for his food. He walks in and out of the house as he pleases. Jumps on the bed when he feels like. Obsessed with playing the ball and won’t stop barking until I play with him. He certainly earned the name “KinG” by behaving like one.

I miss him a lot. I still have regret about how he died. I didn’t want to put him down but if we didn’t, he would of suffered and died anyway. Still I wish I could turn back time and wish I had noticed he was sick earlier. So we could of saved him. I let my best friend down I feel 😦 .

I like to thank all the people who had supported me through this loss. I thank my friends moses and oyeshan for coming to see me on the day “KinG” died. It helped having friends around to bare some of the pain.

Despite my regrets. The thing that made me cry the most was? Before “KinG” died he gave me 1 last gift. He woke up and looked me and my mom wagging his tail like he would normally do when he was well and went back to sleep. He looked happy when he did that. I guess he was saying good bye in his own way. Every time I think back to that moment I want to cry. He may of been ready to say good bye but I wasn’t.

I want to honour my Dog “KinG” with my life. He made me happy and I’m gonna do what I can to become successful. When I get over this loss I will help my family and make my parents happy like “KinG” did for us. He was a gift from GOD. How ever little time we had with him, I’m glad we knew him at all. I hope you watching over me “KinG”. I will do my best to take of your mother “Brandy”. I will spend more time with her as I can.

I’ll soon upload a gallery of my dog “KinG” in this month. So I can remember him and I will always have his photos weather it be online or offline.


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