Good bye Hunter x hunter ! My new favorite anime

Its been a while since I started a new anime even though hunter x hunter has been around since 2011. I always seen it around but I never mustered the strength to watch another anime because I’m already following fairytail, naruto and onepiece at the moment.

So 1 month ago my Dog died and I was devastated. I was barely coping. So I decided to finally get into hunter x hunter since its an anime I know nothing about and maybe it will help keep my mind busy if I got into it. As time went on. Its 1 month now still I’m missing my dog but it hurts a little less now, because of time and watching hunter x hunter has got me addicted.

Sure it has similar aspects to naruto and onepiece but I still think hunter x hunter is better. Naruto has become more like dragonballz lately. Onepiece is still awesome. Hunter x hunter just has more hardcore villains like this latest arc I’m watching the Chimera ant arc. Better fights and strategy. There’s a lot of death and tragedy in this arc. I could go on and try to convince you but only when you watch the anime will you know how good it is.

Sadly Hunter x hunter has ended this september. Not sure why! Just my luck. I just got attached to this anime. Just like my dog died. I’m about lose something I’ve grown to love in a short time. I still got about 15 more episodes left to watch before I see the end. Its been an awesome ride. It started of slow but action packed, its funny but also dark and violent towards the end.

Thankfully there are 2 hunter x hunter movies I can watch after I finish the anime. Fingers crossed that the anime will continue again like fairytail resumed when it ended a while back.


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