Losing my grip on reality!

Hi its me again I know its been a while since my last blog post. Guess I had sometime to reflect on life and what’s important.

For a while now my reality has been about living to get the latest phone, go out with my friends, dream big, tvshows, movies and success.

Now that bubble of reality has burst after losing my dog ‘KING’. Its like I woke up from a bad dream to realise what is important. All this time I’ve been aiming for success never thinking something like death would happen to me.

The death of my dog ‘KING’ affected me so bad it shattered my reality. Everything I knew became a lie. Things like movies, success, a new phone just didn’t matter without my dog in my life. Now I realised that spending time with the people close to you is more important than all the money in world. You can never buy back time. I have so much regret not spending more time with my dog.

Now I’m afraid to wake up everyday. I can’t make sense of what I should do now. How long before I lose someone else. How do I make time count with the people in my life. How long before I die. How do I balance my life between the people I love and me working toward success.

The answer? I just don’t know anymore!


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