Finally started on some antidepressants

Hey its me sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while. It seems that depression had gotten the better of me. I have seeked help. My doctor has put me on a course of antidepressants. Its only been a few days I do feel calmer. I have to go see the doctor again this week to report how im feeling. Then his gonna recommend which hospital I can go for treatment and therapy.

I like to thank ‘Sadag’ which is the depression and anxiety helpline of south africa. They talked me into getting help instead of ending my life. Yeah its been very hard with the loss of my dog lately and me turning 30 soon and have achieved not much in my life which can make you feel quite worthless.

Anyway lets see how well treatment goes for my anxiety and depression. Who knows I might be writing about my success soon.


7 thoughts on “Finally started on some antidepressants

    1. Thank you. Im glad you understand. My dog my world I lived for him. Now his gone is so hard. I miss him everyday. Now that im on meds it helps to a point but thank you so much. 🙂

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