An epic night to end my 30th birthday



Yesterday was a big day for me. My 30th birthday. I didn’t really have anything planned for the day but my family and friends made sure it was a special day. I had a lot of phone calls and visitors yesterday. Also a lot of BBM, whatsapp and facebook birthday wishes messages.

My mom and dad gave me a small braai for a late lunch. Surprisingly I got a few presents. Still even though it was my birthday I was kinda sad because I miss my dog ‘King’ who recently passed away. My close friends helped me out though to feel better and taking me out for supper last night.

It was a good night we over ate and talked nonsense like friends do. We ignored each other for a bit while checking bbm and facebook messages. Also the place we ate at! The waiters came and sang a happy birthday song for me and giving me a free ice cream for my birthday. Just before we could go home we had desserts and I became over full that I was so tired! , but feeling satisfied because my friends made my birthday so memorable, bring an end to an epic night.


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