Designed my first engagement decor board for my friends engagement

This last weekend my friend she was getting engaged. She asked me to do her a favour and make her a board or decor with saying like welcome to our engagement etc. Of course I said yes its been a while since I did something like this and I thought it might be fun. She bought all the things I needed to work with.

Friday night I began making the engagement board with the help of my niece. I needed her input and help to finish things more quickly since the engagement being saturday and all. We did not rush though, me and my nice began to experiment with different colours of glitter. Mixing them together and see if we could spice things up. We mixed red and sliver. Blue and aqua. These colour combinations worked out perfect.

Its been a while since I had fun like this. I’ve taken photos for those of you who want to see the decor board I created.


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