Im proud to launch my 1st kids ebook now available on amazon


Today im excited because I get to launch a kids ebook I’ve been designing for this last month. The book of course is called ‘Jack and Sofia’s space adventure’ like the picture above. I’ve finally found something im passionate about and I owe it all to my friend and business partner ‘Zak khan’.

I never imagined i’d design a kids book before. One day out of the blue my friend Zak says to me I have this idea! I was like not really into it at 1st. He said I’m a writer and you a graphic designer lets create a kids book company.

I thought it was insane because I usually design posters and edit photos. Ok I admit I stalled a bit because I was unsure where to start or if I even wanted to do this.

Once I got into designing mode I couldn’t stop. I loved designing these ideas for these kids books. My friend Zak did an awesome job with the writing of the book and the editing of the website.

Our companies name is ‘starsonmarsbooks’,because we are imaginative I’d like my readers, followers or anyone looking for kids books. Please support our book at

Just want say thankyou for taking the time to read my post and supporting me. My business partner and I have worked very hard on this book.


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