New Neighbors

Today my neighbors are moving out. I know this should’nt effect me but it does. We lived with them for about 13 years. Now new neighbors have just moved in! Today! Who are practically strangers. Are they good people? Are they psycholopaths! I hope not.

I hate to say this but I miss my old neighbors. Only now that they gone I realize how much like family neighbors really are. When they would go on holiday they would trust me to feed thier dogs.

Guess we all have to adjust to change. Its part of life. As for my new neighbors not sure if il ever have the same relationship with my new neighbors like I did with my old ones.

I am also kinda of disappointed because it would at least been nice if my new neighbors had hot daughters, but they dont! That said life goes on. Just have to accept having new neighbors and make my peace with it.


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