Im entering 2015 as an entrepreneur

Hi I know its been a while since I’ve blogged. I can explain! I’ve recently been busy with a business I’ve started with my close friend ‘Zak’. Im all new to this entrepreneur world but I’m loving what I do. For years as a graphic designer I had no purpose but now I do! I design books for kids.

In the past I’ve been living in the shadow of helping another friend’s with his dream! Whose name i will not mention, while I took a back seat to my own life helping him. Now that I’ve broken away from him I have found my own path which was painful but worth it in the end.

So far as an entrepreneur I’ve designed 2 books for amazon kindle. I dont handle the technical parts of the books, my business partner ‘zak’ takes care of all the marketing and writing of the books. I just design them.
So far we had some small successes with our books and I know its gonna get bigger because we love what we do.

Sure it isn’t always easy to wake up each morning motivated but if you love doing something you do it despite how you feel or even if people may discourage you. Its worth doing.

I’ve found my dream, my purpose and what I want to do with my life. I read books to stay motivated and learn from other peoples successes. I listen to pat flynn podcasts. Im always learning and thats what I think what being a entrepreneur is all about.

I hope by reading my blog post you will realize your dreams as well. Life is to short to live any other way.


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