#Thewalkingdead or #Nationz

Lately I’ve been in a conflict because I’ve been putting off watching nationZ. I’m a huge fan of The walking dead and didn’t wanna get into another series about zombies. Unfortunately I wasn’t left with a choice since my friends insisted I watch nationZ.

So guess what? I watched nationZ! Ok sure it has its good qualities but more bad ones. I mean there are a lot of aspects that NationZ copies from The walking dead. Also the cannibals in NationZ! Their acting is so fake and so is that guy commentating about the zombie apocalypse. Remember in The walking dead #terminus how hardcore the cannibals where!

Also the so called cure in nation Z is stupid if the guy himself is slowing turning into a human zombie, that can’t really be a cure. I mean that guy murphy.

The walking dead is awesome but I’m kinda getting tired of the so called surviving episodes over and over. People die, people getting sick, getting food slash supplies and finding a safe place in every season. I want to see more of what happen to the government or maybe something more about the origins of the zombie virus like in the end of season 1. That was interesting. Even season 3 with the governor! That was an awesome arc.

Still walking dead is far better than Nationz hands down. Just my opinion guys if you are nation Z fans.


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