Im sure many of you wouldn’t agree with me when I say! God isn’t real. Due to recent tragedies I lost my faith in God and have been looking for a reason to believe in him again. The truth be told the more I pray the worse things get. Whats worst is I dont believe but recently people I know, strong believers I know are suffering terribly.

An intercessor at our church lost her son due to suicide. Another person from my church! His wife got cancer. Where is God in all this. What good suppose to come out from all of this. When I prayed for God to save my dogs they died anyway.

The truth is im angry at God and terribly scared of the future. Im not sure what to do or what to believe anymore. Yeah I hope to believe that God is real but as off lately his done a great job convincing me he doesn’t.

I feel like an idiot sometimes praying to the fresh air. I mean people claim to have connections with God, they claim God has spoken to them, so why not speak to me when I need him.


6 thoughts on “God isn’t real!

  1. I am sorry that you have gone through this recently! It is never easy to see or experience loss and pain… Losing faith at times is natural when everything seems to be piling up. I know I have lost it from time to time. I am certain it will not ever happen again, but it happens to all of us at some point I am sure! When Eve decided to listen to the little voice that told her to take a bite of the apple we were born of sin. Gods intentions are always good to his people. But there is suffering in the world. Even when God sent His only son to die for our sins… We still need to allow Him into our hearts. Even when we do that does not mean we will not suffer. It just means that we have accepted the sacrifice of His son and that we will be forgiven of all sins as long as we own up to them and accept His sons sacrifice. When we do suffer we have the added benefit of having faith that someone is listening and knows of our struggle! God does not work within our time, I know that is small comfort. But a day to us may be a millisecond to Him while a year for us is but a day for God. God will do what is best for his people in the end. Sometimes that means ending their struggle… Whether that means taking us Home or healing us… Other times He has a purpose. We may not know it, but that is not for us! Having my faith solidified in recent months has been really amazing. But losing faith is nothing to be ashamed of and happens to most of us! You will find your way through. But sometimes having faith takes a leap of faith as well.

    1. thanks for your comment clearly you have better experiences with god I wont argue with you. all I know is my post was what I was feeling and I shared those thoughts because I am in so much pain. still god hasn’t helped me in anyway so yeah I am having a hard believing god is real.

      1. I totally understand and I do not wish to argue either and I am not. It is hard sometimes… But I know you will work through. Things never happen in our own time. I am glad you shared! It is important to feel what you are. I have a feeling You will find your faith again. We are never told life will be easy or even told that we will live a long and prosperous one! But I know what will be when I am gone from this place. I understand completely why you are having a hard time. I was diagnosed with cancer at 17. I’m 24 and was told there I no getting better from here. I lost my faith. It was very hard knowing how hard and long I have fought. That isn’t done yet either! I was told that my Cancer, which is not the same one I was diagnosed with at 17, had metastasized too extensively. There is no help. I found a trial that may extend my life, even possibly a few years… But It took a very real experience to bring me back to God. I was upset. I never got a break from the Leukemia I fought for years and before I was done with maintenance I was diagnosed with a second Cancer… I was very far from God at that point. I couldn’t understand His reasoning. I felt cheated and forgotten. I really hope that you have an experience like I did when God found me again. But there is no arguing here! Just companionship! That is all. I won’t preach and argue. That’s not me. But I’m here if you want to talk or need someone to just vent to! I know that helps, even if just a little bit. Losing faith is only natural. I hope that God reaches out to you, but who knows when that will be… For me I always have an open ear.

  2. I am sorry to hear this. I too know a lot of people who are losing their faith (and I’m afraid of losing mine too sometimes). But sometimes, I feel like that’s all I have. I hope that you can find a reason to believe again 🙂

    1. hi thanks for the comment and trying to understand my pain. thanks for not preaching at me. cause sometimes people forget to care in plain english. yeah im hanging in there but just barely maybe things will change and I will find my faith again only time will tell I guess. 🙂

  3. Being an antitheist I have to agree with you but I do have one weird twist to add: if we talk about it that makes it a real idealogy, so on that level god exists simply because it is mentioned by people.
    The most we can do is hang in there, trying to understand such things mostly leads to headaches! Life just sucks sometimes, without the parts that suck we wouldn’t know when something’s cool.

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