30 and still single :(

Hi ladies I’m here to share my thoughts on being single. I’d also love some advice from you ladies. I’m single for many years now. I’m friendly, down to earth, easy to chat to. My major problem is I’m to shy in person. I feel like a lot of time has passed and I’m getting older by the day and would like to find someone to share my life with.

Truthful I’m also afraid of being rejected. Its also why I haven’t told many girls how I’ve felt about them. Heart break is incurable. Rejection makes you feel worthless. I have spoken to a few ladies lately but it didn’t go to well, there was no flow. We texted and the conversation went like this.

Me : Hi
Girl : Hi
Me : how you doing
Girl : K
Me, : wuup2
Girl : Ntm
Me : Really so you not doing anything, so u don’t wtv or something.
Girl : sometimes.
Me : what tvshows or series you into.
Girl : a lot

Like what the hell was is with the one word answers. Maybe I should of told her I was horny maybe she would fight with me but even that would of made for a better conversation.

Anyway the real reason I’m writing this post is I feel the clock is running out on me. My friends are getting married, and engaged and I’ll be the only one left single. Its gonna be a lonely path if I don’t catch up. Even my niece is serious with her boyfriend. Dam I got to find someone special. Why is it so hard to find love.

Anyone interested tweet me @vishal4nw or mail me at vishal4nw@gmail.com I honestly don’t mind settling for a long distance or foreign relationship right now.


3 thoughts on “30 and still single :(

  1. Maybe take a stab at full sentencing in your conversation. I see a lot of women posting about guys that can’t be bothered to type out a conversation, doesn’t deserve one from them. Go online and look up more intriguing questions to ask or openers. No offence to your game, but it just seems like lack of effort on your part by reading that.

    As for being scared of being hurt or rejected, that’s a risk anyone including that woman has to take entering even into simple dating. You need to over come it, women don’t fall for the scared one, they fall for the confident one. But you also have to man up and accept not everyone is for you and if they say no, not to be a dick about it.

    Wish you luck in your ventures.

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