My 1st step to getting fit and started jogging

Today I was home watching tv. Texting on my phone and realised I’m so frustrated with myself that sitting at home doing nothing was driving me mad. I’ve been exercising at home doing push ups and crunches but today I decide to take it further and train in the grounds near by my house.

So I walked to the grounds, Determined. Had my bottle of water. Finally reached the grounds and rested. So I decided to take my first lap around the grounds and God help me I wanted to quit and go home. I was so out of breathe half way during the lap because I have asthma, then I began to wheeze. Finally I finished the lap and rested. Took my asthma inhaler.

My 1st lap didn’t really go well so finally ran my 2nd lap and that was even worse than the my 1st. I couldn’t breathe properly but I managed slowly to finish the lap. So I rested again for a while. On my 3rd it felt easier for some reason like my body slightly got used to the momentum. Also mentally I was thinking about how I wanted to become stronger. Finished my 3rd lap and was feeling refreshed and tired.

I guess now! I have to train more often so that I am able to handle my breathing. On another note. I have another reason to exercise besides keeping fit. Lately I’ve hit a creative wall. My creativity isn’t flowing maybe due to stress and other factors but I read online that exercise helps with blood flow which helps with creativity. So there you have it. How I spent my day and my goals for exercising. I hope I’m not the only one that feels like this. Hope to hear from some of you going through the same thing.


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