I love graphic design but I’m afraid to fail at it

This morning sitting in front of my computer just looking at it. Procrastinating! Haven’t designed anything in a while. I feel like a lousy graphic designer. I see other designers work and I wish my work was good as there’s. There work inspires me though as a graphic designer! I’m just frustrated that I’m not as creative. My ability to design comes from looking at other peoples work. Getting inspired but not copying, then creating my own design. Sounds like a weird way to design but is the only way I know how.

Life has been full of challenges for me. I haven’t given up on design just taken a break. Now I want to start again. I have chatted with other designers on facebook. Friending them. Asking for advice. I need all the help I can get. I wanna work hard an succeed. I have a kids book project where I design books for kids using vector designs. I need to get back to it and improve. I love what I do but sometimes you hate it when you hit a dead end.

I guess all roads to success feels like this. Doubt, fear and failure. I need to get pass my failure phase and finally start succeeding. Right now my goal is to get back in graphic design and focus all my energy on doing it full time some how.


2 thoughts on “I love graphic design but I’m afraid to fail at it

    1. Thank you, sometimes we are need some encouragement and I thank you for yours :D, thanks I’m sick with the flu but resting well and hope u have an awesome day and long weekend nadia 🙂

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