Another kind of Heart break

Hi I’m sure you thinking from my post title that I’m heart broken over some girl or relationship. The truth is no! Well kinda when its comes to a relationship. Yes I am heart broken but not for some women but because I’m still grieving for my dogs. I can’t fill that void. I can’t get over that they are gone. I’m sure some of you are sick of me talking about my dogs. The truth is I don’t care. I loved my dogs they where everything to me. Now I feel so alone without them. Like something is missing from my life everyday.

In the past I’d wake up early morning just to see what my dogs are doing. Play with them. Let them bark and play with me until they where tired. I miss that and everything we used to do together. My life has changed without them. I lost my reason from getting out of bed. Lately I had the flu so I stopped taking my anxiety medication for a while. Guess it brought out how I been really feeling. Guess anxiety medication don’t help like I thought they just suppress how you feeling or numb your emotions maybe!

Anyway I thought I’d write this post since I haven’t blogged in a while. I could really use some advice from some pet lovers cause only you will know what I am going through. Losing 2 dogs so close a part is heart breaking. I’m left with these scars. I wish everyday they would come back some how. Guess its only wishful thinking. What I’ve lost can never come back its one of the reasons why? I quite going to church. Don’t judge me to hard for that but I just feel like life is unfair like that.


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