So I finally watched #Arrow season’s finale and thought?

You know what makes me happy? Shows like arrow, and many comic based tv shows. I’ve been an arrow fan since the justice league cartoons. Now that arrow is a live series its much better and darker. I admit I was a bit disappointed with the Vertigo villain but since then I come to love the show like many others. Season 3 for me so far has been the best. Adding Ra’s al Ghul to the mix, made it even better.

Sadly today for me is the season finale of arrow. This episode really had that batman dark knight feeling. Still I’m not sure! Has oliver truly given up being the arrow in the season finale. Guess only in season 4 we will get a clue to what’s next. This episode was to awesome to miss a final battle with Ras al Ghul. Also the shocking surprise of Malcolm Merlin taking over the league of assassins is just crazy. Did Ray palmer really die in that explosion in the end. Also what will John Diddle do with his broken trust towards oliver. So many questions we left with. All I can do is wait for season 4 get here faster.


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