Happiness for a moment

Yesterday I discovered something. My life feels empty. Lonely. Since my dogs passed away. I feel something is missing. Still yesterday I was happy for a moment. My brother visited and my nieces came over to. They always so excited when they visit my home. Yesterday my nieces wanted me to load some games on their tablets. You know their excitement, their energy it was infectious.

I was happy. They don’t look at me like other people do. The unemployed, the failure. They just have unconditional love for me. Just as my dogs gave me. So yesterday for a brief moment I was happy. They might be hope after all. Something worth salvaging in my life.

I also feel that way when I’m with my close friends. In that moment I’m with them nothing else matters. Life without people to share it with is pointless. Even with all the money in the world you’d be lonely. Despite what I’m going through in my life. My anxiety, depression, failures, loss. These things gave me a new appreciation for the people in my life and holding on to the moments that matter.


4 thoughts on “Happiness for a moment

    1. Hey browyn missed you thanks for visiting my blog. I’m ok feeling a little better hey. Hope you well haven’t seen you much on facebook. So hope to hear from you soon

      1. Yeah I deactivated my facebook account. My psycho ex managed to hack through my privacy settings and he got to me. He has a lot to do with my anxiety issues. I panicked big time Vishal yoh! I will keep it deactivated for a while or maybe open a new account. But until then I’m glad I’m chatting to you again. In a lot of ways I feel connected to you…because we have the same struggles. I’m happy you’re doing well! I’ve had a little ‘relapse’ but I’m doing fine now. Brave enough to chat and talk to people again

      2. Omg that’s so crazy!!! Wat a manager. I’m also glad to chat to you. You can email me : vishal4nw@gmail.com for direct contact. Don’t wanna ask for whatsapp here people will see you number on the side. I’m sorry to here about your relapse that sucks but hang in there. I also had a relapse been off my meds for a while and almost drove me suicidal. I’m glad I got to meet you via social media because it helps knowing I’m not alone encourages to better for all our sakes to inspire one another.

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